Kalle's brunch & ice swimming on Sunday, January 28th

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We have received tremendous feedback on our unique, beautifully set brunch breakfast. We prepare it with fresh and high-quality ingredients, skill, and wholehearted dedication right from scratch in our own kitchen.

This gave birth to the idea of combining brunch with ice swimming! We want to offer you an opportunity to enjoy good food in the spirit of brunch and the chance to take a refreshing dip in the cold sea. You'll also have access to warm shower and changing facilities, but remember to bring your own towel!

Down below you can find two separate links, one is for brunch at 10:30-12:30 and the other for at 13-15. Reserve a place for the brunch through one of the links, depending on which time suits you best. If you wish to go ice swimming, you can also sign up for it through the same link.

So, head to the beautiful outer archipelago to enjoy a peaceful Sunday and the tranquility of nature.

Places are limited, and the deadline for registration is January 21st. If all places are filled, the reservation form will close.

Brunch at 10:30-12:30:

Brunch at 13:00-15:00:

Warmly welcome!

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