Kalle's brunch saturday 4.5

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Your wish has been heard, and Kalle’s popular brunch is getting its next round!

We want to offer you once again an opportunity to experience the fresh and relaxing seaside atmosphere of the archipelago along with our delicious brunch prepared by our skilled chefs.

How would it sound to throw your wintercoat in May? You will be available to take a dip in the ocean and will have access to warm shower- and changing facilities. The little sauna is also going to be heated for you to warm up.

We’ll be setting up beautifully familiar brunch menus for you, as they received so much lovely feedback from you, thank you!


This time we have three settings 4.5. At 11-13, 14-16 and 17-19 o’clock. The price is 35 €/brunch/person or 39 €/brunch and a dip in the sea/person.

There is still room at the setting 17-19 o’clock. You can book your table through the link below:


Warm welcome!


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