The next step towards a more sustainable travel!

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We have taken the next step towards a more sustainable tourism. We have decided to initiate the development of a Sustainable Travel certificate for Kalle’s Inn Resort, as we aim to commit ourselves to environmentally friendly and responsible tourism. 

The Sustainable Travel certificate is Kalle’s response to the growing need to promote sustainable tourism. This initiative reflects our deep commitment to environmental protection, responsible business strategies and leadership. 

The goal of sustainable tourism is to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and promote local cultural heritage and sustainable development in communities. Kalle’s Inn Resort aims to achieve this goal by developing and adhering to stringent sustainable tourism practices that cover all areas of business. 

The development of the Sustainable Travel certificate includes assessing the environmental impact of Kalle’s Inn Resort’s operations, integrating sustainable practices into the business strategy, promoting collaboration with local communities, and raising awareness among travelers about sustainable choices. 

We aim to complete the Sustainable Travel certificate by winter 2024. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable business and responsibility. 

Responsibility is not just a choice; it is also an obligation. Sustainable Travel certification is our way of being part of a positive change in the tourism industry, and we believe that together with other stakeholders, we can influence the future of sustainable tourism.”  - Katja Ekman, CEO

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