Wine Adventure into the World of Flavors with Sommelier Christina Suominen!

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We would like to introduce you our restaurant manager, Christina Suominen. She is an experienced professional in the restaurant industry, a beverage expert, and a fantastic sommelier.

Suominen's genuine passion for the field has led her on many adventures, one of which includes working at Kalle's Inn Resort. We are delighted to have her as a part of our team.

Christina has been elected as the new chairperson of the Sommelier Association, and she also teaches young talents at culinary schools. It would be difficult to find a better expert in the field.

"The restaurant floor became my playground and the best place to spend time with people."

Together, we have planned wine tasting journeys, or tasting evenings, at Kalle's. Wine tasting is an excellent program for companies or for wine enthusiasts.

Our guests now have a fantastic opportunity to experience a wide range of wines as unique flavors and fascinating stories. Below, you will find different options from which you can choose the package that suits you best. You can select the wine tasting as an activity during your group's visit. Packages can be customized for groups of approximately 10–30 people.


Around the World in an Hour

The package includes an assortment of white or red wines according to your preference. A total of four wines from different countries and grape varieties.


Sparkling Wine vs Champagne

The package includes a selection of four wines, including sparkling wine and champagne. During the evening, we delve into the differences between these wines.


Sipping Stars

The package includes a variety of four different champagnes and a glimpse into their secrets.


World of Flavors

The package includes a selection of four different wines accompanied by delicious appetizers crafted by our chefs.



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